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Atlas of ĺ─˛Criticalĺ─˘ Climate Change

Fordham University Press, forthcoming (2010)
Edited by Tom Cohen and Henry Sussman

If “climate change” is the general name for the mutation of terrestrial and biomorphic systems opened by the 21st century what are the corresponding mutation of critical paradigms and epistemologies as we shift from focusing on social realities to non-anthropic factors, agencies, implications and timelines? This volume assembles a broad array of philosophical critics—intergenerational and cross-disciplinary—to address this horizon from different critical idioms and projects. In the mode of an “Atlas,” each has chosen a specific entry for this networked discussion of the changing premises of critical discourse.


Introduction—“Critical Reorientation in the ĺ─˛Era of Climate Changeĺ─˘”?

1. “Aftershock”
Tom Cohen, English Department, University at Albany

2. “Autopoiesis—Cell, Society, Planet”
Bruno Clarke, English, Texas Tech University

3. “Bailout”
Randy Martin, Art and Public Policy, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

4. “Brains and Archives”
Catherine Malabou, University of Paris (Nanterre); Comparative Literature, University at

5. “Bioethics”
Joanna Zylinska, Goldsmith College, London

6. “Biopolitics”
Eva Ziarek, Julian Park Chair, Comparative Literature, University at Buffalo

7. “Care”
Bernard Stiegler, Director of
the Department of Cultural Development, Centre Georges-Pompidou, Paris

8. “Diaspora”
Alberto Moreiras, Director, European Studies, University of Aberdeen

9. “Extinction”
Claire Colebrook, Sparks Professor, English Department, Penn State University

10. “Gender (and Difference)”
Joan Copjec, English, University at Buffalo

11. “Global Unworld”
K. Ziarek, Comparative Literature, University at Buffalo

12. “Jet-Lag”
Henry Sussman, Julian Park Professor, Comparative Literature, University of Buffalo

13. “Machine-Works”
J. Hillis Miller, Distinguished Professor, University of California, Irvine

14. “Sacrifice”
Rey Chow, Comparative Literature & Modern Media & Culture, Brown University

15. “Scale”
Timothy Clark, University of Durham

16. “Security”
Sam Weber, Avalon Professor of Humanities, Northwestern University

17. “Species Invasion”
Jason Groves, Germanic Languages and Literatures, Yale University

18. “Survival”
Yates McKee, English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University

19. “Sustainability”
Haun Saussy, Bird White Housum Professor, Comparative Literature, Yale University

20. “Time”
Robert Markley, English, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

21. “War”
Mike Hill, English, University at Albany

22. “Waste”
Tian Song, Sociology, Beijing University

23. “Water”
James Bunn, English, University at Buffalo


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